Monday, February 4, 2008

Slacking! (on the blog at least...)

I have been slacking in the blogging category! Sorry! Let me just explain to you that David has been out to sea for the past week and we have been BUSY! I have been slammed with bag orders! I am not complaining, I promise. I am still having a great time with it, but I think it is time to bring on some help! For those of you that are interested, there is a review of my bags and a chance to win a free one HERE! But keeping up with sewing, kids and my house (actually I have really been slacking on that!) has really kept me on my toes!

I promise to put some pictures up soon, but I just had to tell you a funny story about my crazy little princess!
You see, I put her to bed at 830pm last night. I fully expected that she was sound asleep. That is, until she came walking out of her room at 1015pm! She was in a great mood! She so politely informed me that she was just going to have some quiet time in her room instead of sleeping. This is what she often has in the afternoon since we have passed the napping stage. She can play or read in her room...quietly. Anyhow, I giggled quietly and proceeded to explain to her that we don't have quiet time at bedtime. She needed to go to sleep! I tucked her in, kissed her goodnight and continued to fold the neverending pile of laundry.

As I prepared to go to bed I walked passed her room and noticed that the little stinker was most certainly NOT in bed. She had, in fact, gotten out of bed, turned her light on and was playing with toys!


Well. If you know Isabelle, you know this is totally who she is. It is how she has been since the day she made her big debut into the world! She is going to do things her way, in her time and nobody is going to stop her...except Mommy at 1045 at night! Something tells me we won't be at the gym as early as we planned this morning, because she is still sleeping!


Kim said...

I'm glad to see you back in the blog world. I have one of those little girls too.

Andrea said...

I was about to tell you it was time for an update. But I refrained because I knew how busy you've been. I tried those black bean burgers you told me about tonight. YUMMY! Have a good night!