Monday, February 4, 2008

First Swim Lesson

Tonight I took the kids for their first swim lessons. They were super excited! We even got to go to Target today and pick out new swimsuits. Isabelle had her mind set on a pink one before we even reached the store. Lucky for us, there were several pink ones to choose from and she chose a very cute one. Ian was thrilled to find a set of Transformers trunks.

We showed up in time to watch the class before ours so that the kids could see what they would be doing. They were so excited...until it was their turn. Isabelle got a little bit scared, but once she was in the water, she really enjoyed it!

I don't think so!

Ian's classic look of concentration...tongue hanging out!

Isabelle did her best to keep up with the bigger kids. She was always ahead of Ian!

At the end of the class, the kids all got to enjoy the slide. Isabelle had absolutely no desire to take part in that nonsense! She was much happier just sitting on the edge.

Ian really warmed up to the lesson and didn't want to leave!

Isabelle enjoyed a little one on one attention with her teacher and kicked her feet in the water! They can't wait to go back on Wednesday!

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Kim said...

Aren't they the cutest little fish around?! Looks like your waterbugs will be quite prepared for summer.