Tuesday, November 27, 2007


My dad came to visit for Thanksgiving! The kids had a wonderful time with him! Thanks for coming Dad! We really enjoyed it!

Just for Fun!

Family Pics

We wanted a little something different for pictures this year and we knew Sarah could help us get that! I love them! Thanks Sarah!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Cozy Swap

I took part in a Sister Shoebox Swap hosted by Carrie and Monica. I enjoyed a swap with Abbey for the holiday season! I received a beautiful box of goodies! My absolute favorite is the candle! It smells so yummy! I also got a wonderful Christmas CD, fuzzy socks, cookie decorating kit, chocolate, handtowels, a cookie mold, gingerbread man ornaments and some festive napkins! Thanks Abbey! I hope you enjoyed your box just as much!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thanksgiving Feast

Today we joined Ian's class for a Thanksgiving Feast. He doesn't normally eat at school, so he was very excited about today! He got to go through the line in the cafeteria and get a tray of food. Isabelle was thrilled to be invited by her big brother! They had made placemats and I had sewn paperbag vest for all the indians (although you can't even see them in this picture because Ian had taken his off because it was bothering his neck!) The kids were all adorable!
I am so grateful to be in such a great elementary school! The kids are always having such a great time and learning so much!


I am not sure of a better word to describe my little girl! She has always been, and I am sure she will always be my independent child! She doesn't mind playing by herself. She likes to buckle herself into her carseat...which she has mastered quite well! She likes to accomplish things on her own!
So, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised this morning. I had given her a bath. I had washed her hair and left the bathroom to get a towel. I got her out of the tub, got her dressed and took her back to the bathroom to comb her hair. As I combed it, suds began to appear and it became quite evident that I had not rinsed her hair well enough...but I was sure that I had done a fine job. Then it dawned on me... I quickly asked her, "Isabelle, did you wash your hair by yourself?" To which she very proudly responded, "Yes! Now it is VERY clean!"

We rinsed her hair in the sink and wrapped it in a towel on top of her head...this little girl is growing up far too quickly!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is a funny event for us...but never funnier than this year! Ian and Isabelle would love to live in costume. I don't mind it around the house. But, normally, I make them look like "normal children" when we leave the house. So Halloween is a fun time for them because not only do I encourage them to leave the house in costume, but I also let them ask strangers for candy! That is crazy to them. They must think I have lost my mind once a year! It isn't just me though...it is every mom on the street! Wow!

Anyhow... this year we went over to the Morelands house to trick or treat with our best friends! We ate pizza and got dressed and ready for the fun! By the time we had the kids dressed and ready to walk out the door, the dads had all raided the costume trunk as well. You see, they are just as big (if not bigger) on wearing costumes at the Moreland house. The dads decided they were not going to be left out of the action this year! It is okay..you can say it! They look rediculous, but, for those of you that know these guys...they ARE rediculous!!! By the time we all left the house, all of us were wearing something. Debbie and I opted for Batman masks. I felt quite silly walking around the neighborhood like that. But after looking at these pictures, I am actually quite grateful that I did wear a mask. Maybe nobody will ever know that I belong to this crazy crowd! Just kidding! These are such special friends and I wouldn't trade them for any others!

Here are Isabelle the unicorn and Kolby the fireman! This is just another adorable picture to add to the slideshow at their wedding! Don't tell me you are against arranged marriages! Just look at them!

Here is the whole crew! Well, except for one that decided he was too cool for trick or treating! I don't know what he was thinking!!!

Here are those crazy dads I told you about! You can't see it, but David actually has Buzz Lightyear wings on over the bumble bee costume. You know bees shouldn't really be able to fly due to their body weight...but this is one determined bee. (He had to be determined to get that bee costume on too! I mean honestly! What normal adult would be able to get that costume over their shoulders...but then again, nobody ever said David was normal!)

And finally, here are the best buddies! Ian (a.k.a. Optimus Prime) and Jayden the indian!

Thanks Morelands and Eberles for sharing the night with us! It was a great time!

My "Friendly Farmer"

This year at Isabelle's preschool, the kids were allowed to dress up for their fall party. There was only one catch. They were supposed to be dressed as "friendly farmers." So you can see by this picture that we were closer to a "cool cowgirl" than a farmer, but isn't she cute???
It was just perfect that Nana had sent her a beautiful pair of red boots the day before her party! Isabelle loves them!

During their party, they decorated these pumpkins, sang some cute songs and ate lots of snacks!!! Isabelle was the last one sitting at the table eating. She has never been one to turn down food. I didn't realize that it was a running joke at the school though. Apparently, it is a regular occurance for her to be the last one at the table during snack time. I should have known since this is the conversation we have in the car everyday when I pick her up:

Me: So, tell me about your day!
Isabelle: Well, we had snack!!!

She is a funny girl!

You can see that it was a very big day for her! I don't know if it was the fun that she had or the sugar crash that wore her down. But, notice she hasn't given up the boots! Thank you Nana!

Pumpkin Patch...again!

Well, this time it was Isabelle's turn! We joined her class at Taylor farms for a hayride, a visit to the pumpkin patch and some time petting goats.

This time we stuck to the little pumpkins that the kids were more than willing to let me display on the mantle. They were really cute, actually!

I think that Ian was feeling like quite the big brother. He was the oldest one on the field trip since he tagged along with us! He was more than happy to help his little sister out with the pumpkin choices! He also guided her back to the line to get back on the hayride. What a great big brother!!!

Here is my little super model in training! She was watching the horses as we rode on the hayride. I couldn't help but stare at her and wonder how my baby has grown into such a beautiful little girl so quickly!

The goats were a big hit with the preschool class! This is one of Isabelle's buddies from class!

Better late than never, right?

I know I was supposed to post the winner on Saturday, but I just didn't get to it this weekend!
So, now I just wanted to let you all know that the winner of the custom handbag was a very lucky woman named Ally! She has chosen a pink and brown stripe interior and a brown paisley exterior! Congratulations Ally! I look forward to working on your bag!

For the rest of you, please let me tell you that I was shocked and amazed at the number of entries for the bag! Nearly 500!!! It is amazing what a free bag will do for people, huh? I was so excited that I thought I would like to compensate those of you that were really hoping to win the bag. I am offering a 10% discount on the Kimberlee Faith website through Saturday! All you have to do is enter the coupon code "Fall07" during the ordering process! Thank you all again for your interest!