Monday, February 4, 2008

A day at the park

It has been unseasonably warm this week, so we have been doing our best to take advantage of it. I packed the kids' bikes up in the back of the van when we went to pick Ian up from school and we went to the park to enjoy the weather. I was surprised that we were the only ones there with the weather being so great! But that just meant the kids had free reign of the playground!

So, I know there are a lot of pictures on this blog, but I just couldn't NOT share them with you.

You will notice Isabelle's wavy hair here. She loves having her hair french braided and then the following day she enjoys wearing her hair "curly!" It really is pretty cute!
Ian enjoying the rockwall.

Best Buddies

If big brother can do it, so can she!

This is Isabelle's new reply...Thumb's up!

Ian the daredevil! (Most of you know that is a JOKE!)

Speed Racer

Trying to get the hang of it!


My little monkey!

What a big boy!

It was a good afternoon together!

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Kim said...

Hey, I will bet you went to the park the same day we did. Too bad we're how many miles apart? Looks like you had a blast!