Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Change is in the air

Today, I took this little girl

to see Mr. Tom
because she wanted to have this done!
It is a little shorter than I had anticipated, but she LOVES it. I guess that is what really matters! She thought she was a pretty big girl telling Mr. Tom what she wanted done to her hair!

(You might be able to see that the handsome boy behind her got his hairs cut too!)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Breakfast at Mimi's

On Sunday morning we met at Mimi's Cafe for breakfast with my Uncle B, his wife, Bianca, and Granny B. It was a super-yummy breakfast with great company! (you can see that Hunter was NOT excited about this picture!) Thanks for breakfast Uncle B! Hope to see you again in May!

The Gang is all here!

While all five of us kids were gathered together, we took the opportunity to have an impromptu photo session.
Trying to keep us in order and get us to all look in the same place is about like dealing with a bunch of two year olds!
And here we are with the Circus Master...A.K.A. Mom.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Valentine's Day Shower

On Valentine's Day, my mom hosted a baby shower at her house for me. It was a great way to catch up with a lot of people at once and get a chance to visit!

At my last shower I was so terrible about getting pictures with people, so I tried to make a point to get several this time around!

Here I am with an old friend, Jen. Her husband was stationed with David a few years ago during deployment. Now she is preggers with her second baby and due in just a few weeks! And here are some of my favorite people in the universe! I have adopted them as my "in laws" even though I truly have no relation to them. Mrs C has always treated me like a daughter and I just love their whole family. That would make Val my sister I guess, and I wouldn't mind that at all! Mrs. C made the softest, sweetest blue blanket for the baby! I will treasure it!

My super fun friend, Kelliann, was my Maid of Honor in my wedding. I wish we would have gotten to spend some more time together before I left town! She always keeps me laughing!

Adison made herself comfy amongst the presents! Don't you just love those blue eyes?

My brother, Benjamin, and his fiance, Jamie, drove down to spend the day with us. It was so much fun to see them both! Thank you guys for coming! It is hard to believe that the next time I see them, it will be their big day!!! Hooray!

And here is my favorite teacher of all time, Mrs Hilger. She was my high school English teacher. She has managed to teach four out of the five of us kids. She now has Haaley in her class which is hard to believe since Haaley was about 4 years old when I was in her class...
Thank you to everyone else that made it to the shower! It was so wonderful to see you all and to have you share in this special time!
And thank you Mom for making it such a special day for me! I had a great time! I love you!


One of the unfortunate parts about living so far from family is not getting to see my niece and nephew as often as I would like. In fact, this was the very first time that I had even met my niece, Adison. Isn't she cute?
We all met up together at Mom's hospital where my nephew, Hunter, was happy to act as our photographer. Here is Haaley, Adison, Jilienne, Tara and me.
While we were busy with our photo session, Mom was out in the hallway, tracking down a doctor that was willing to do a quick ultrasound for us. She found a fabulous doctor on the floor that was more than willing to oblige! Unfortunately, the machine that we were using didn't print pictures, but here is one that Jilienne was able to take of the screen:
For those of you that weren't there, let me explain the picture to you. It is a view of the top of his head. He is looking to the left. The white mass next to his head is his little fist and he was actually sucking his thumb. When the doctor told us that was what he was doing, I doubted him, because I have never had a thumb-sucker. But right when I said something, the baby took his hand out of his mouth and practically waved and then, very clearly, put his thumb back into his mouth. It was quite comical. It was a quick ultrasound, but it was fun for my mom and sisters to be able to be there and be a part of it! The next pictures we have of him should be much cuter and in color!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Weekend Away

It is amazing how times change. When I first moved away from home, I usually made it home three or four times a year. It still wasn't bad even when Ian was born. I was still able to go home a few times a year...but as time has gone on and our family has grown, it has gotten more difficult to get home. When we do get to go to Colorado, it is usually a HUGE production due to travelling to a completely different climate with two kiddos in tow and a full day of traveling.

So, just imagine my excitement when I got to take a trip home last weekend. I hadn't been home in over a year...AND...I was traveling all by myself! David was so wonderful to offer to keep the kids for the whole weekend so that I could have a little "mommy getaway" before this new little guy joins the crew! With the help of some wonderful neighbors who helped while David was at work, the plans were set and I was off!!!

I was packed and ready! I made it through security without incident and let out a sigh of relief. It was immediately apparent how different this trip was to any others in my recent past. I had packed in a single suitcase, I had only one carry on to handle and it did not contain a ton of snacks or play dough or video games. This was a weekend that I had been looking forward to for so long...and here it was. I immediately delved into one of the books that I had brought to read. Reading is something that I long to do...but rarely find the time in my daily life! So this was a treat. My flights were fairly uneventful and I arrived in Denver late that night.

Our drive home from the airport was challenging due to a snow storm that was moving through, but the following morning was absolutely beautiful...I LOVE COLORADO!!!
My sister, Jilienne, drove into town that day and we were able to help Haaley and some of her friends get ready for their Valentine's dance that evening. Haaley is the one in the front center. It was so much fun to get to be a part of this since I live so far away. All of the girls looked so beautiful and they had a really great time!
Here is Haaley with her adorable date, Stephen. I still have a hard time believing that she is old enough to be going to a dance...let alone having a date!!!
Haaley, thank you for letting me be a part of your day! I am glad I was there!

Better late than never...

So, once again I am behind on the blog here is to catching up!!!
We try not to do a big huge party every year for the kids' birthday. They typically get a big party every other year. This year was Ian's off year...but it turned out to be a pretty great day even still!
He opened up presents from Grandpa, Bean,
and Nana,
before friends and neighbors came by to share cake and ice cream with him!
He had requested a Lego cake this year.
This is how my goofy little man reacted when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him!
The evening was topped of with more gifts and lots of playing with all the new toys!
Thanks to all who joined us in celebrating Ian's birthday! He had a GREAT time!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Ian

Would you believe that this little boy Is now SEVEN YEARS OLD???
Happy birthday my little man! We love you more than you will ever know and are so proud of the person you are becoming!