Friday, February 8, 2008

Birthday Fun

Isabelle and I got to take cupcakes and balloons into Ian's class to celebrate his birthday. We showed up a few minutes early and Isabelle pulled a chair right up next to her big brother to help him finish his math lesson! She loved being one of the big kids!

When the math lesson was done, Ian's teacher pulled him up in front of the whole class and we sang Happy Birthday to him, then he got to hand out cupcakes to all of his friends!

Ian wouldn't miss an opportunity to entertain! He made sure everyone saw his icing covered face!

We stayed long through the end of the school day and Ian got to show me how well he does on the monkey bars at school!

I think Isabelle's theme song should be "Anything you can do, I can do better!" She is never going to miss an opportunity to be just like her brother!
Many of the kids thought that Isabelle was the most exciting thing on the playground to play with! The followed her, called to her, chased her, baby-talked to her and mostly crowded around her. Here is her hero, Ian, rescuing her from a group of kids where he could see that she was uncomfortable. (She was more than happy to be carried away!) This was no easy task for him. He thinks he is so big, but she is sure catching up to him in height!

What a good big brother he is!

At the end of the day, the kids have a chance to share jokes, songs, or talents. Ian and Isabelle were in their element telling Knock-Knock jokes (the kind of jokes that make absolutely no sense at all, but all the kids laugh histerically!) It was pretty cute. Happy Birthday!

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Kim said...

That's one sweet bond!