Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Birthday Bash

Remember how you always used to look at your parents and dream of how you were going to do things differently when you were the parent? Don't get me wrong. I love my parents and I think they did a pretty darn good job of parenting...but we all know the things that our parents said that we weren't going to say, or the things that they made us do that we swore we would never make our children do.

Well, here I am all grown up...okay more grown up...and some of those things I am starting to understand. I do a lot of things very differently than my parents ever did. But I have adopted a lot of things from them also! One such thing is the birthday party rule. When we were growing up we didn't get big blowout birthday parties every year. We were able to do something every other year. Even so, it was usually a sleepover or something reasonably inexpensive. I didn't seemed too bothered by it growing up, but once I had Ian, I knew there was no way I could not have a birthday party for him each and every year. And why couldn't it be a big production.

So it started with his first birthday party. It was at our house with every friend we had in Charleston! Our house was jam packed full of people and the table was overflowing with food. We had a firetruck theme with big "1"s on the side of the truck (in case anyone forgot that it was his first birthday.) We even convinced the volunteer fire department down the road to come by and show their truck to the kids during the party. We even had a firetruck pinata! It was a pretty cool party...until you start to think about it a little harder. We had all these people...that Ian barely knew. We had all this food...that Ian didn't eat. We had a real live firetruck in our front yard...that Ian doesn't remember. We had a firetruck pinata...that Ian wasn't big enough to hit! I soon realized that I didn't throw a birthday party for Ian...he couldn't have cared less! I think he had a great time, but he would have been thrilled with one new toy and the wrapping paper it came in.

So, suddenly I understood my parents just a little bit more.

For most of his birthday celebrations we have been at home with our closest friends, enjoying homemade food and eating yummy cake. He has always had a great time. One time we ventured out to Chuck E Cheese for a party, but I am pretty sure that will be a once in a lifetime event. Way too much money...way too much noise...or maybe it just lost its birthday appeal because I had to do one too many birthday parties when I worked there as a teenager.

This year, however, we decided to let Ian pick what he wanted to do for his birthday. It is the last year that we will be in Virginia for his birthday since we expect to move in the next four or five months. So, we let him choose. He opted for a party At The Hop. It is an indoor inflateable park that you rent out for just your party! We were able to get a SUPER deal on it and the kids had a wonderful time!

The kids jumped, climbed, went down the slides, sang karaoke and played dress up!

This is the little meeting in the back of the jumphouse to plot their next move.
There was lots of running and chasing.
Pizza and cupcakes were enjoyed by all!

We surprised Ian with cupcakes that had autobot and decepticon rings on the top!

There was wonderful blue and red icing enjoyed!
Isabelle especially enjoyed the dressup trunk!

The boys seemed to really get into the present time! Legos were definitely the big hit of this year. Transformers took a very close second place!

All in all, it was a good time had by all. David and I even got in on the jumping and sliding fun! I am sure next year will be back to a simple celebration at our house, but I am glad we did it big this year! And this time, Ian was even capable of enjoying the entertainment!

Happy birthday big guy! WE love you!


Jennifer said...

Oooo that looked like fun!!!

What 4 or 5 months!! Yay! So you have a lead on orders huh? Very very exciting!!!! You must email me and disclose where you're going chica - ok you don't have to but I'd love to hear all about it!!! New orders rock (that is if you like where you're going)!!! I'm excited for you!

Kim said...

So what happened to the pics of you and David jumping? It looks like everyone had a blast - what a cool place. I've never heard of such. I'm inclined to believe that our invitation must have gotten lost in the mail - that happens a lot down here in New Orleans. Oh well, I guess we'll have to wait two years for you throw another big party.