Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A good chuckle

If you want something to make you laugh...check this out! You will have to get to picture number 21, but then you will understand. That is, if you know my husband!

You see, in December, David was named the USS Theodore Roosevelt Sailor of the Year!!! It is a pretty prestigious title and has brought him many wonderful opportunities! The latest of these opportunities took place while he was out to sea earlier this month. They were gone during the Super Bowl, so the ship put on quite a party for them. David was the lucky fellow in charge of escorting the Miami Dolphin cheerleaders around the ship for two days! You will only see him in that one picture in the slideshow, but he was right with them the whole time (he does his best to avoid cameras!). His main job during the game was CROWD CONTROL! Who would have guessed that the Dolphin's cheerleaders would be attacked for autographs when they really had nothing to do with the Super Bowl this year! And even more importantly...who would have put David in charge of crowd control??? Luckily, he survived and it sure has made for some funny stories!

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Kim said...

Too funny! After today's events I needed that. Thanks for sharing!