Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Waiting Game

As most of you know, I was trying to wait until my mom got to town before giving birth. As if I really had that much control, right? So I patiently waited and watched my activity levels so that I wouldn't throw myself into labor before she got here.

Well, she arrived on the afternoon of Good Friday. That night I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned. Somehow, I felt that since my mom was here, we should be having a baby. What were we waiting for? Apparently, Isaac didn't share the same sense of urgency that his mommy had! Each day I convinced myself that it was okay that I wasn't in labor yet. After all, I was still a week away from my official due date.

There may not have been any signs of labor at that point, but that wasn't for lack of effort. I walked, and walked and walked. I listened to advice from all sorts of people. Most people told me to take advantage of the trampoline in our back yard. I didn't go that far. After having to watch "the shaken baby video" before being discharged from the hospital after giving birth to both Ian and Isabelle, I just had a really hard time with the idea of the trampoline...

So we stayed very busy. David had duty on Easter Sunday, so we drove out to the beach and walked around for a while. It was a little chilly on the beach, but it looked beautiful. The kids seemed to be oblivious to the wind and the chill. They were also clueless that they were in full clothing when they started to bury themselves... and each other...

But at least they had a good time.

All through the week, we did what we could to stay busy. Mom helped me with some projects at the house we continued to prepare for this little baby to come into our house. We made his bed and washed more clothes. We set up diaper changing areas upstairs and down. And we walked.

At my DR appointment that week, he scheduled an induction for the following Tuesday. I really didn't want to be induced, but I was REALLY ready to have this baby!

On Saturday, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and we went to a local park to let the kids play. They had so much fun on the playground and the swings.

Isabelle even showed Nana a few tricks about how she can swing so high.

I snapped a few pictures so that I would have some current ones to send to friends and family.

When David met us at the park, he took the kids on the paddle boats. Ian stretched as far as he could in order to help peddle.

Isabelle just enjoyed the ride.

After a stop for some Italian ice, we went home and prepared for the Saturday evening service at church. When we were leaving, some neighbors asked if we were headed to the hospital. I replied, "No, we are going to church to pray this child out!" By this time I was past my due date and fairly over being pregnant. Mom and I had made plans to go to a movie after church, so we drove two cars to church so that David could bring the kids home and get them to bed while we went to the movie. However, I felt my prayers were being answered as I started contracting during church! We were all so excited! They weren't strong or painful, but they were consistent! Mom and I decided that it was best that we forgo the movie and get home to make final preparations before (hopefully) heading to the hospital.

We called our neighbors on the way home to see if the kids could stay the night with them. They were so wonderful to welcome the kids into their home (which the kids thought was totally fun! Sleepover!!!) at the drop of a hat! I took one final picture with the kids before I went inside to figure out our next steps.

We decided to try to go to bed and get a little rest until the stronger labor set in. I woke every couple hours with a contraction, but otherwise they weren't strong enough to keep me awake. Imagine my disappointment when I woke at 7am and I was STILL at home! UGH!

I decided to take a quick shower and freshen up. Before I could even blow my hair dry I was in full blown labor!

We labored at home for a couple hours. Mom and David were so supportive and did whatever I needed them to do while I was in pain. At about 930am, my nurse, (otherwise known as my mom) checked me to see how things had progressed. She didn't even tell me how dilated I was before she hollered for David and told him she thought it was time to go. We all hopped in the car and drove to the hospital. In less than one hour, I progressed from 6cm to fully dilated and gave birth to our sweet little man, Isaac.
It was such an amazing birth experience. I couldn't help but think about how perfect God's timing was. I didn't have to be induced. My mom was able to be at the birth. And on top of that, my mom was able to focus on Ian and Isabelle for the first week of her visit and make sure that she got some great time with each of them. She also did a pretty good job of keeping me busy so that I didn't go crazy waiting for the baby to come. It was also amazing that there was no question about David being able to be here for it. We didn't have to worry about any ship schedule or crazy shift work. Being that I went into labor on the weekend and he didn't have duty, he was there from beginning to end.

I am so thankful to be home with my precious family and figuring out this new life! I am so thankful to my hubby who has been amazingly supportive and helpful in this transition. I am also so thankful to my mom for being here for the whole process! I am so glad you didn't miss this one! I am thankful for such an awesome hospital experience, delivery and most of all for this sweet little man that has changed our lives forever! I am so in love!

Welcome Home

I was so excited that we only had to stay in the hospital for one night! We prepared to go home on Monday around lunch time! It was fun to get Isaac dressed in some little clothes that we had brought for him! His little shirt says, "Here I go!"
We buckled him into his cozy, new car seat...
And he was ready for his new adventure!
When we got home, Ian and Isabelle were waiting to welcome us with the banner that Nana helped them make! They were so proud!
They rushed downstairs to see their new baby brother again! They couldn't even wait for us to get him out of his car seat before they started loving on him and talking to him. They are both so eager to be involved and to teach him everything he needs to know!
It is amazing how bringing home a little guy like this makes the big kids look so much bigger!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Special Visit

Our dear friends, Mike and Debbie, just so happened to be driving through town the day that Isaac was born. I was so excited to have them stop by the hospital and meet Isaac!
Nana was so wonderful to keep all EIGHT of the our kiddos while Mike and Deb came to the hospital for a couple hours! I don't know if she had any idea what she had just volunteered for, but it sure sounds like the kids had a great time! I missed getting to see all of the Moreland kids, but I am so thankful for the special visit we had in the hospital! I can't wait to see you all again and to introduce Isaac to the rest of the family! Thanks so much for stopping in!

Monday, April 27, 2009

A precious boy!

I just might be a little biased when it comes to this baby...but I think he is absolutely perfect and beautiful! When he first arrived, we saw glimpses of Isabelle, but I think overall he resembles Ian. This means we may have another "mini Dave" on our hands!
One of the first things we noticed about him was his super long nails! Some of them were twice as long as they should be and were bent backwards! We had to get them cut so that he didn't scratch himself! If you look closely in the picture (above) you can see his thumb nail before it was cut!

During one of our ultrasounds, we could see that he was sucking is thumb/hand. I thought it was really funny because we have never had a thumb-sucker. It was very clear from the start that this little man really loves his hands. In fact, he came out with one of his hands up by his head. He likes to suck on them any chance that he gets! We couldn't swaddle him with his hands inside or he would just cry. We have introduced the pacifier to him to help soothe him, but he still prefers to sleep with his hands near his face.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Missed pictures

I found this blog of pics that never got posted, so I thought I would share them with you anyway...better late than never!

Isaac's first bath
All cleaned up!

Checking in on the new little man


Isaac Henry

Born April 19, 2009


7lb 4oz


Monday, April 13, 2009

No news...

We went to the doctor this morning with hopes of hearing that our new little man would be joining us soon. Unfortunately, however, he has decided that he is nice and cozy in there and isn't quite done cooking! So, we have an appointment for next Monday if nothing has happened before then. If necessary, they will induce me next Tuesday. I am hoping that he decides to make his appearance much sooner than that, but clearly, I am not controlling this little man!

Until then, I am trying to stay busy and positive!!!

We will keep you posted!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


It is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of this pregnancy so quickly! We expect the little man to make his grand entrance any day now! I am one week from my due date, but I am already 2-3cm dilated and I feel like my stomach has dropped! I have had subtle contractions throughout the last couple days, but nothing regular or painful.

My mom arrives tomorrow afternoon! That has been my goal~ to hold off til she could get here. We have nearly done that, but I am not sure I will go much longer! I have an appointment scheduled for Monday morning if I have not been admitted yet...

I will do my best to keep you all updated over the days to come! Please pray for a safe delivery and a healthy baby!

A great visit

Andrea got to spend part of the weekend with us last weekend and we had a lot of fun! It has been so much fun living in this area as we have had so many visitors!
Here we are with the token belly shot at 38 weeks!!! And a sweet picture with the kiddos. They sure to love Miss Andrea!

Last time Miss Andrea visited Ian got upset because he didn't get to do everything that he wanted to do with her before she had to leave. So, this time they sat down the very first day and made a list of the things that were important to do. Andrea was such a good sport. She played with K'nex guns and any other toy that the kids felt she needed to experience. One of the other important things was spending time on the trampoline together. I didn't get any pictures of them all together on the trampoline, but they had a great time!!!
As you can see, there was so much to accomplish that they didn't even have time to get dressed before they got to work. Isabelle was still in pj's!
Ian had plenty of tricks to show.
and Isabelle did her best to not be outdone!
Thank you for coming for a visit Miss Andrea! We look forward to seeing you in a couple months!

Playtime with Mr Dennis

We were happy to get to see Andrea's parents last weekend also. I am pretty sure that Mr Dennis probably slept pretty hard after playing so hard with the kids. They love their time with Mr Dennis (and the candy that comes along with him!) Thanks for spending the evening with us!

One of the Big Girls

My wonderful friend, Andrea, got to come visit last weekend. We got to spend a girls day together last Friday and she treated us to a pedicure. Isabelle also got her fingernails painted. She definitely felt like one of the big girls! She proudly picked out her own color and held very still while she watched her nails be painted! I am sure she will be asking to go again!

Another Dress

Here is a picture of another dress that I managed to complete for Isabelle. She loves it because it is very twirly when she spins!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flower Girl Dress

Last week I completed Isabelle's flower girl dress. She is thrilled to be in Uncle Ben and Jamie's wedding in May!

I know the dress looks a little big on the top, but it wasn't zipped all the way in the back because I have to make a few minor adjustments to the zipper (I HATE ZIPPERS!!!) but

otherwise it is great on her! She loves it and is even more excited about the wedding now that she knows what she is going to be wearing!