Friday, February 8, 2008


Do you notice anything different? Look really close? Are you sure???? He may not look much different to you, but if you ask him, Ian will tell you that he got a little taller yesterday. Why, you ask? Because yesterday was his sixth birthday! Unbelievable if you ask me! He is turning into such a little man!

Here is a picture of Ian when he was one week old. He weighed all of 7 1/2 pounds and he curled up so tightly on my chest. Just thinking of it, I can remember the smell of his little baby head as I held him. He was so little, so precious and so mine. When we went to get this picture taken, David lifted him above his head and flew him around like a little miniature airplane! It scared me and I remember giving David a hard time about it, but now I would love to have him small enough to lift above my head and pretend he is an airplane. He is far too big for that anymore!

This was a picture of Ian at one year. He had accomplished all the major milestones so far. He was now walking and climbing and had developed such a gentle, loving personality. He loved to read books and sing songs. He still gave kisses with a wide open mouth and called from his crib every morning when he woke up, with a giant smile and open arms!

At two years of age Ian was settling into a new home in a new city and enjoying what would be his final months of being an only child. Little did he know how his life would change in the next year! He now slept in a big boy bed, learned to use the big potty and became Mommy's big helper as a big brother!

What a handsome little man, huh? At three, Ian continued to develop into a precious little man. He started preschool and even got to act as the "man of the house" when Daddy was deployed! He learned to write his name and loved to draw pictures for Daddy! His sweet hugs and kisses and unconditional love kept me going too! He has always been an excellent brother, ready to comfort or entertain his sister whenever needed!

At four, Ian started playing soccer, excelled in preschool and had his first sleep over with his best friend, Jayden! He also became the biggest Buzz Lightyear fan known to man! He lived in his Buzz costume the majority of the year and kept us all laughing!

At five, Ian finished preschool and started Kindergarten. He continued soccer and discovered a love for Transformers, legos and reading! His passion for learning is undeniable. He is a social little man and enjoys any time with friends.
Now we are facing YEAR 6!!! It is so hard to believe. Thinking about all that he has accomplished over the past years, I look forward to what is to come. Of course, I would love to hold that tiny little bundle on my chest again, but I am happy that he still loves to cuddle. I would love to see the little hands that used to wrap, just barely, around just one of my fingers, but I am thankful that his hand holds mine as he trusts me to lead him through life. I would love to see those precious baby feet that were so small in the palm of my hand, but I look forward seeing the plan that God has for those feet and where they will take him in life. I know we have many adventures ahead of us in the years to come, I am just so glad that God blessed us with this little man in our lives to join us on our journey! He is a true blessing and I couldn't imagine my life without him!

Happy birthday Ian, we love you!


C.Stiner said...

Holy cow! It's unbelievable that he's 6 now!!! I guess I have been gone from VA for almost 2 years but I just remember him as being a talkative 3 year old!!! How is this possible that he's already this big!!??!! Looks like he had a fun birthday! Hopefully David was home to help celebrate!!

Kim said...

I can see it! He looks a day older and considerably wiser! I love the walk down memory lane. He's such a precious little fellow.