Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The ick

It is living among us...the flu, that is. I am not talking about some random stomach bug, but the real, live influenza.

Isabelle started complaining about a sore throat on Friday and by Sunday was running a pretty high fever. I took her into the Dr. yesterday, fully expecting a strep diagnosis. When that came back negative I was almost disappointed. I knew she didn't feel well and I didn't want the whole, "wait three weeks and come back if she still isn't better." Instead they told me they were going to swab her to test for flu. The test normally takes 10 minutes to give a result, but hers was positive in 3. So she is on some meds now and should be able to get back to school on Thursday.

The good news is that I took Ian in this morning to have him tested and he was negative. He has been given a preventative treatment to help prevent it since they spend so much time together.

So off I go to lysol and clorox everything I can...ick!


Andrea said...

So sorry to hear that. Let me know if you need anything! I hope you don't get it!

Kim said...

Poor Isabelle! I hope she feels better soon and the rest of you stay well.