Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Day at the Beach!

I am still catching up from August and didn't want to forget to share these pictures. My little sister, Haaley, came into town for a week and hitting the beach was a priority to her! The kids didn't mind one bit! We were also able to meet up with some old friends of ours...
Jeff and Ginny were are neighbors when David and I first got married. We had not seen them in six years! They were coming to spend a few days at the beach and we met up with them there! It is amazing how years can go by and we can still get together as if no time has past. In that six years, there have been 2 more Westlakes born and Olivia was added to their family. She and Isabelle are only a couple months apart in age so they had a fabulous time together!
Mini Beach Babes!
Isaac slept the day away (except for nursing once).
Aunt Haaley buried Ian

Isabelle enjoyed some girl time!
Mr Jeff and Ian dug a big hole

Isabelle thought they were digging it just for her to jump into!
Olivia had fun splashing too!
The girls finally took a break for lunch
After a great day at the beach, everyone came over for dinner and some more visiting.
The girls had such a great day together and can't wait to see each other again!