Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Greatest Show on Earth

Every year the Ringling Brothers circus comes to town to do a show. We NEVER miss it. We have been every year for the last four years! They really do put on a pretty amazing show!

This year, we didn't tell the kids that we were going. We just started driving. As we reached downtown, Ian started recognizing things. He asked us, "Are we going to THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH?" (that is their own slogan...not just his thoughts) He was right. What he didn't' realize was that our best friends were following right behind us to go to the show too!

Unfortunately, the traffic was terrible. As we sat outside the arena waiting to get into a parking lot or garage, David got nominated to get out of the car and take all EIGHT kids into the circus so that they didn't miss anything! Deer in the headlights doesn't even begin to explain it...but he is a team player and he didn't disappoint! In fact, he took all the kids in AND got them all pottied before they found their seats! I was totally impressed!

By the time Debbie and I had parked, the show had started and the kids were watching so intently!

I was happy to see that we didn't miss all of the elephants performance! I love the elephants!
Mike and Debbie got suckered into spending half of the kids' college fund on cotton candy...but at least they got this adorable hat! (Sorry for the pic Deb, but I couldn't not put my favorite clown on here!)
Isabelle and Kolby enjoyed the little horses. Isabelle perked right up as soon as she heard the My Little Pony theme song being played.
The tigers were a big hit with the kids too! They seem so sweet behind that cage. Isabelle informed me that she doesn't think that they would hurt her if she were to go in the cage. We decided not to test that theory this time...maybe another day.
All in was a great time had by all! I hope we still get to see them when we move!


Kim said...

I LOVE the last picture. They look completely captivated by the excitement. Too Sweet!

Andrea said...

Looks like fun. I wanted to go but Justin said it is weird to go if you don't have any kids. I realized that was probably right so we didn't go. :) Maybe someday. haha I did drive by one night and saw all the PETA people out there holding signs...20 elephants dead and counting...that was crazy. :) There was a ton of them.