Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Battle of the Thumb

Ian and Isabelle were both pacifier babies. Isaac, however, has decided to try a different path. He likes his thumb. After all, it is the most convenient and now that he has an easier time controlling his hands, he often pushes the pacifier out and finds his thumb. I am not giving up this battle because I would prefer he not be a thumb-sucker (I can take away a pacifier, but I can't take away his thumbs). So I spend much of my day replacing his thumb with a pacifier. It has become quite the arm wrestling match!
He finds it in the swing, in his bed and just about anytime now....so we will see.
I am so thankful for my Hotslings these days. Isaac is very nosy and prefers to be in a position in which he can see what is going on around him. He stays rather comfortable in the sling and often falls right to sleep. It makes my cleaning and grocery shopping much easier sometimes!

Too bad it is so cute when he sucks his thumb!

Father's Day Cake

Isabelle felt like Father's day was a holiday deserving of a cake. In fact, she offered to make the cake for Daddy...actually, her idea was to bake a cake in her Easy Bake oven WITH Daddy. He was a great sport and enjoyed their baking time together!


This summer we signed up for the Kids Bowl Free program. We haven't used it as often as we thought we might, but it has made for a nice outing when we do get over there!
Isabelle modeling her orange ball:

She watches as her ball makes the slow journey to the pins:

Daddy helps her give a big push since the last ball just stopped rolling because it was going so slow (so funny!)
That's better! This one hit the pins!
I didn't get many pictures of Ian this time. He had a tendency to throw the ball instead of roll the ball. It was pretty funny!
He clearly felt like he deserved a better score!
Better luck next time, Ian!
Granny B will still be proud of you!

And here is how much Isaac enjoyed bowling!

2 Months!

I am a little behind, but wanted to post Isaac's 2month stats!

He was 23.5inches and weighed in at 11 pounds 14 ounces!

That means he has gained 4lb 10oz since birth and grown 4 inches!

He is a healthy, happy little man!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Catching up!

There are several posts today because I have a backlog of pictures to share...make sure you scroll down so you don't miss some of them!

Fruits of our labor

This year we planted a few fruits and vegetables. We are enjoying the first few tomatoes and the vines are dripping with more to come! Isabelle has been quite the little helper with the gardening. She has kept an especially good eye on the strawberries as they are her favorite! Now that they aren't producing much anymore, she has enjoyed picking some blueberries. We are also watching our cucumber and cantaloupe plants blossom! I just wish we had more space to plant more things!

date night

One of the last nights that Jilienne was in town, she was wonderful enough to watch ALL THREE kiddos so that David and I could go out for a date night! We enjoyed dinner and a movie while she performed the great juggling act at home! Of course, it turned out to be one of Isaac's fussiest evenings, but she handled it great! Thank you, Aunt Bean, for a night out and for taking such great care of the kids! We love you!

Isaac's bed

While Jilienne was still in town, she helped us put together Isaac's bedroom. We assembled his bed and started our painting project. I still have a few final touches to make and then I will post pictures of that!

Here is a picture of Isaac snoozing in his bed. To be completely honest, he still has not slept in his bed for more than a quick nap. It has been too easy to keep him in our room. After I finish the painting this week and after our next round of company (Justin and Andrea are coming for the 4th of July!) heads back home, he will make the official move into his own room. Being that he has slept through the night since his 3rd night home, there is no good reason for him to still be in our room!

Good Save!

I just had to post a quick picture to show my husband hard at work on his truck! I am sooooo thankful that he is so handy with...well, almost anything! What could have been a very expensive repair was a very affordable one being that he was able to do it himself! I find it a little scary to come out to the garage and see parts of a vehicle laying around...I much prefer to have them tucked safely under the hood of my vehicle. He, however, finds great joy in all these little parts and the satisfaction in the repair! His truck is running much better now! Good job Babe!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

After a very full weekend and a pretty long road trip, this is how the backseat looked! What good travelers!


Ian and Isabelle were very excited to spend some time with their cousins. They hadn't seen Hunter since Christmas of 2007 and they had never met Adison. They had a great time together, especially at the pool!
Hunter was pretty sure that he could do anything that Ian was doing. It was really cute to watch him follow Ian around!
We love you Hunter and Adison! Can't wait to see you again!

Pass Around Pack

During the wedding weekend, Isaac was never lacking attention. He was happy to meet anyone that wanted to love on him. Here is how he spent his weekend! (I am pretty sure he came home a little spoiled!) My pictures are a little wonky on this one, but oh well...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust


Upon going through all the pictures I had from the wedding, I had to post some of the funnier moments from the weekend!
Here is Isabelle...BEFORE the wedding. Her shoes were hurting her feet (so were mine...so we took a break together!)

Ian and Hunter being BOYS!
I can only imagine what was really being said in these pictures, but here is my take on it!

Ian: "Isabelle, not so many in one spot! You need to spread them out. And maybe we could walk a little faster and get this done, huh?"
Isabelle: "Why is everyone watching Aunt Jamie? Don't they see how beautiful I am today?" Ian: "Is really my job? To hold a pillow with FAKE rings on it?"
Isabelle: "Those poor people look so bored..."
"I had better blow them some kisses!"
Isabelle: "Hmmm...I wonder if these are real pearls?"
Isabelle: "Thanks for holding my hand Aunt Jamie! Now, let's go for a walk instead of just STANDING here!"
"Auuuuuuuuuuugh...is this almost over???"
Ian: "Why would anyone choose to wear such uncomfortable clothing?"
Ian: "Uugg! Why are we all standing here? What is this guy talking about?
Isabelle: "Everyone else is sitting down, why can't I?"
Isabelle: " They are good! It is official!"Isabelle: "Ian, you want to get some of that cake?"
Ian: "Did you see the chocolate fountain and strawberries? And there is sushi!"
Ian and Isabelle: "Get Miss Becca!" Isabelle was thrilled to join Becca on the dance floor. As soon as she heard the music she looked at me and shrieked, "Come on Mommy! Let's. Get. On. That. Floor!"
She would have danced all night!
Apparently Ian was still uncomfortable, because I turned around and saw David explaining to Ian why it was inappropriate to take his shirt off at the reception.
Ian: "But I am so HOT!" Here is our little Dancing Diva on the floor! Forget the shoes! Those things were history!
It is safe to say that they had a GREAT time! Ian loved the food and playing with his cousins and Isabelle will never again believe a party is complete without a dance floor!