Friday, July 31, 2009

Daddy Time

Maybe we are a little slow on this one, but we have discovered that both Lowe's and Home Depot offer some great projects for kids on Saturday mornings! The kids went with David one morning to build a "putting green." We will definitely be signing up for these of all they are free. That is, until the class is over and Daddy decides he needs to browse the store for anything he might "need!"

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Special Visit

Over the 4Th of July holiday weekend, Justin and Andrea got to come down for a visit. Apparently we held to our usual habits of not taking any pictures until they were ready to leave. This ALWAYS happens! Then we rush around and take a few pictures before they load up and drive away.
Well, actually, we did take some pictures at the beach... but this was the best "blogable" picture of them with Isaac. Andrea refused to sign my waiver permitting me to put up pictures of her in her swimmin' suit! But I do need to put some pictures up of the kids at the beach! They had so much fun!

Anyway...back to their visit...
It was actually the first time that Justin got to come down here! It was great to have him here and the kids REALLY enjoyed hanging out with him (or hanging on him!) We hit the beach, went to Rita's, did fireworks and grilled out with some other friends and neighbors and just enjoyed hanging out!

Thanks so much for coming down guys! It was great to see you! Can't wait for your next visit!

Blog Police

I have been turned in to the Blog Police.

Apparently, when I started this blog, people expected that I would blog regularly...and I don't think that taking a month off of blogging (without prior approval) was part of my contractual obligation. (Not that I believe I would have been granted approval or signed a contract. I'm.just.saying.)

So, in order to avoid any further fines, fees, or whining phone calls or emails (you know who you are!) I will be updating the blog more regularly. Starting now (or whenever the kids allow it!)