Friday, May 22, 2009

More pics

One Day Old
One Month Old
A Very Happy Boy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One MONTH Old!!!

It is hard to believe how time is flying! Today, Isaac is one month old. It seems like we just brought him home. I feel like we should still be counting his time in days, not months! As much as it seems that we have just welcomed this new little man into our family, we also feel very much like he has been a part of our family forever! He is a perfect fit!

In this short time, Isaac has begun developing the most precious personality. He is generally very mild natured and relaxed. The only time he fusses is when he is really hungry or tired. He is still a mighty good little eater and is sleeping very well at night! Here is the best shot that I have gotten of he sweet smile. I love that he uses his entire face to smile!!! What joy!

Tonight's big accomplishment was giving Isaac his first real bath. Up to this point he has only had sponge baths. His belly button has finally healed and it was quite the family affair in the bathroom tonight. Nobody wanted to miss it! Daddy got the honors of giving Isaac his bath. He seemed to love it! (They both did, actually!) Isaac relaxed as Daddy poured warm water over him and gently washed him!

You can see that Daddy was being closely supervised. What you can't see is that Ian was sitting at the other end of the counter watching also. I promise Isaac is clean. If he wasn't, we sure would have heard about it from the little supervisors! Here is our clean little man! (Isabelle was the photographer for this one!) Isn't he a cute little fella?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Boy time

After our photo shoot the other day, Ian came into the room and he didn't really pay attention to me even being there. He had no idea that I had the camera, so I was able to capture these little moments between my boys.
He sat down and started talking to Isaac (completely oblivious to the fact that Isaac was sleeping.) He leaned in and talked to him in a sweet little voice. As I recall, it had something to do with Legos and Star Wars...
Then he snuck around the side of the chair to give his little brother a sweet little kiss.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuckered out

Isaac never lacks for entertainment. He has Ian and Isabelle to make sure that he is always taken care of. They think that he always needs a toy nearby. The other day he got a little fussy in the crib and when I went to check on him, this is how I found him. He had soothed himself by pushing his binky back into his mouth with his puppy dog rattle. Thank heavens for all these toys!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

3 Weeks Old

On Sunday, Isaac was Three weeks old! It is hard to believe how quickly time is flying and how much he is changing! I wanted to get some pictures to share with you all, but he was pretty worn out so he slept through most his little photo shoot.

On Monday, I took him into the Dr. so that they could take a look at his belly button. It hasn't healed as well as they would like so they were cauterizing it. No big worries! He weighed in at 8pounds 14ounces!!! That is another 6 ounces in 5 days!!!

Without further ado...the pictures

Bottles Up!

Both Ian and Isabelle were exclusively breastfed as infants. Ian refused to take a bottle and Isabelle had to take one for one week while I battled an infection when she was only a couple weeks old...but she didn't like it one bit. So, this time around, we decided that it was necessary to be a little more aggressive with trying the bottle out with Isaac. I wanted to be able to have a little more freedom and to be able to let David share in this part of Isaac's life.

I gave Isaac a few bottles and he did quite well with it, so David decided to give it a try. I wish I would have gotten a picture of Isaac's face when David first put the bottle to his mouth. There was such a look of confusion! Why was Daddy putting something in his mouth?!? Once he caught on, he took the bottle even better than he had taken it from me! Hooray!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My little piggy

We went to the doctor today for Isaac's two week check up.

I knew he liked to eat...but even I was surprised today!

When he was born, he weighed 7lb 4oz. He only dropped 2 ounces after birth.

Today, after only two weeks, he weighs 8lbs 8oz and has grown a whole inch!!!

The doctor was quite impressed! He still is only in the 15-20th percentile for both weight and length, but both of the big kids were usually only around the 10th percentile.

I might just have my little football player after all!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Isaac at One Week

Two weeks

Isaac is two weeks old! He is an amazing baby! He is a very good eater, sleeper and can fill a diaper like nobody's business! On top of that he is a great cuddler, clearly loves his big brother and sister and is a perfect fit into our family! It is hard to believe that he has only been in our home for two weeks! It is such a great fit, it seems like he has always been around! We go back to the doctor on Wednesday and I will post stats on his growth after that!
Do you see the glimmer of a smile in this picture? I think he thought it was pretty funny that I was having to work so hard for his attention! He was much more amused by the light shining in from the window! Little stinker!

Fun in the Sun

The weather has been pretty warm here lately. The kids have been excited about getting into the water. When we set up the sprinkler to water the yard, they immediately ran inside, put on their swimsuits and jumped right in! Isabelle was a little more timid initially, but ended up enjoying herself just as much as Ian did!

This next picture is a very accurate portrayal of what a goofy house we live in. David is always up to something and Ian is ever so eager to be just like his daddy. So, when David suggested that Ian should wear his helmet while running through the sprinkler, Ian didn't even hesitate. In fact, he thought that the light saber would only complement the overall look!

Oh...the goofy boys I live with!

I am sure this little man is dreaming of how he is going to entertain us in the future!

Who's Big Now???

Yesterday morning, Isabelle woke up and informed her Daddy that she was ready to ride a bike without training wheels.

This may or may not have something to do with the fact that I ran over one of her training wheels as I was backing out of the garage the other day.

David offered to put some different training wheels on the bike, but Isabelle had other plans. She felt she was ready to ride a bike.

So, Daddy helped her get ready for some practice. She put on her pads...

and her helmet...

and Daddy got her started.

And that was the end of that. She took off, all by herself!

We had no idea she was so ready...but she sure knew!

Good job big girl! We are so proud of you!