Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sweet Friends

On Sunday, before we got on the road to go home, we got to have lunch with some of my very bestest girlfriends. All of these gals are people I met through the family readiness group with the ship! They are the best of the best! I am so glad I got to spend a little time with them while I was there!
Me, Parys, Kathy, Andrea, Amy and Brittany.
Miss Andrea made sure to get her seat next to Ian.
And Isabelle had a special seat next to Ally. I am not sure who enjoyed that more! (I can't wait till you are here to play with the kids next spring, Ally!)
Here is my crazy girl, Brittany!
And the ever adorable, Parys. (too bad you can't see the rockin shoes she had on!)
And a picture of the two preggos! Amy is about 10 weeks ahead of me on this one! She will be having another precious little girl in February!
The triplets.
When Andrea and Ally were visiting here last, we got to go out shopping one day. The poor man at Banana Republic was shocked. He thought we were triplets. I could only be so lucky! So we made sure to get a picture of all of us together this time!
The kids were great all through the lunch. Ian enjoyed his time with Alex while we all chatted away!
It was so wonderful to have this short time with all of you! Hopefully we will see you all in a couple more months!


Andrea said...

Thanks for posting such flattering pictures of me. :)
And I'm glad to see you posted the pic of you and Brittany WITH her lipstick on. haha

Parys said...

Miss You already! Can't wait to see you in November. Rub the belly for me....Luv Ya!

Brie said...

I tagged you. Pop on over to my blog to learn more.

Jennifer said...

Awww, those girls are fun! I miss 'em! Looks like a great time!