Friday, October 17, 2008

One on One

Isabelle's cheerleading class is a small class. There are normally only two or three girls in the class each week. However, yesterday, when we came to class, we were the only ones there! It didn't seem to phase her in the least. She came to cheer and cheer she did! She amazed her teacher with her motion techniques! She is able to pop her motions very sharply! Miss Kathy told her that there are some high school and college age cheerleaders that still need help with that!

After working on motions, cheers and chants, they moved to the gym to work on stunting. This is something that can be a challenge with so few girls in the class. But Miss Kathy got a helper in to work with her and Isabelle was the star of the show! She climbed up on their shoulders like a pro!

And then they tried a few stunts that they hadn't done before!

Here is a Liberty thigh stand.

They moved on to a few stations where they focused on some upper body strength. And at the end of class Isabelle got to ride the "dolphin!" They had been pretending to be under the sea throughout class and this was the final activity. Normally, she would only get to do this once or twice. However, being that she was the only one in class, she did it forward...
And ended with a forward roll.
And she did it backwards too! (several times!)
It was a great week for her. Isabelle has never been one to mind getting the attention. Next week, however, we are going to try one of the busier weeknight classes so that she can actually stunt with her peers and learn what formations are and fun stuff like that! Then she can decide which class she prefers to go to!

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Hollie said...

I cant' believe that at 4 she is already doing stunts!! Amazing!