Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A visit with the Gang

This weekend we got to drive up to Virginia and spend some time with some good friends! We also got to take our final trip of the year to Busch Gardens for their annual Hallowscream event. This year we got to take Ally and Tyler along with us for the excitement!
(You can almost see all of us in this picture) Unlike most visits to Busch Gardens, the focus is on doing all sorts of things other than the rides. There are several haunted house type areas to walk through as well as characters like this guy that wander the park.
This picture doesn't really do this guy justice. He was on stilts and he was HUGE! It was quite fascinating to watch him move through the crowds.
Here is a quick picture of Ally and Tyler before we went into the first haunted house. They were trying to be very brave!
We also got to spend some time just letting the kids play with their friends. It always amazes me that they can go for weeks or months without seeing each other and then jump right back into playing like they have never been separated. These kids are more like family than friends...very sweet!
How could you not love these faces???
We celebrated Jayden's birthday a month early since we won't be able to be with him on his birthday. He LOVED his legos!
And Isabelle got a princess art set as her belated birthday gift!
One final shot of the whole crew...
Zachary, Isabelle, Kolby, Ian, Jayden, Bryan, Tyler and Ally
Next year, Zachy won't be the littlest of the gang!
Thanks for having us guys! We had a great time and look forward to seeing you all again soon!

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It was a nice surprise to see you at church.