Monday, November 3, 2008


Last week I was tagged by Brie.

I went to high school with Brie years ago and have enjoyed reading her blog recently!

So, here is the deal:

Now to come up with seven random and/or weird things about myself...

1. I have always been a "pile-er." I make piles of things all over my house. I long to be more organized and most people think I AM organized. It has gotten better over the years (you can ask my mom, my whole bedroom used to be a big pile!) but I still have a long way to go. I usually can keep my piles limited to my desk and one on the kitchen counter. The good news is that I usually know where everything is and can locate it quickly, but it drives my hubby nuts!

2. I have lived in eleven states throughout my life! In no particular order...Kansas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Florida, Virginia, South Carolina, and my favorite, Colorado!

3. I LOVE Mexican food. And I am not picky. Sometimes I can go for Taco Bell and sometimes I need something more authentic...either way, I LOVE IT!

4. I met my husband the very first day that I lived in South Carolina! I had just completed Navy boot camp and reported for Nuclear Power School. I had dinner with him the first night and the rest is history! Now we have been married for over seven years and we are expecting our third baby in April!

5. I love to create. I have an entire room in my house dedicated to my sewing, scrapbooking, stamping and whatever creative ventures may come.

6. I love books. I try to read regularly, but it usually doesn't happen unless it is reading a story to my kids. Somehow, I can't find the time to read "big people books." I am notorious for buying a new book for myself and being determined to read it, but it usually doesn't happen. Someday when I have more time to myself, I will get to enjoy this collection that I have started!

7. I am addicted to email. It all started when my husband was deployed and I developed the habit of checking my email several times a day in order to see if he had written. However, even though he has been home from deployment for nearly 3 years, I can't break my habit! If I am walking past the computer, I have to check email. It has gotten a little bit better since we moved into our new house. David converted the smaller of the two master closets into our computer room and I can close the door to it. Sometime the out of sight, out of mind theory actually works...

Now, I tag Kim, Heather, Corrie, Andrea, Dabney, Kari, and Monica... Have fun!


Brie said...

Great to learn more about you, Kimberlee! Agree with you totally on the piling, Mexican food, creative space, and reading!

Heather of Troy said...

I did it!

Gwyn said...

That looked like loads of fun!! Hey, the piling must be genetic!! You may not have gotten it from your mom, but it sure fits in with me! Bet Gid ends up being a piler once she finds her floors (in a future life.....Ha!)