Monday, October 13, 2008


This weekend we got a special visit from some friends. Andrea drove down from Virginia to attend a wedding, but we got to enjoy some special time with her also! She has known the kids since Ian was 3 and Isabelle was less than one. It is hard to believe how time has flown! The kids were very excited to see her! Andrea and her sister, Ally, (sorry Ally, somehow I didn't get a single pic with you in it!) were wonderful enough to bring Isabelle's friend, Kylea down with them! Both of the girls were VERY excited to see one another. They played princess dress-up, My Little ponies and all sorts of games..
until they looked like this! They both took naps both days!!! They had such a fabulous time!

Ian was disappointed that he didn't get any special time with Miss Andrea (a lesson learned for next time...he needs special time!) but he was excited that she had left a surprise for him when she left today! He found it when he got home from school and it made his day! Thank you so much for coming to visit! And thank you for bringing Kylea! We all had a fabulous weekend! See you soon!

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Andrea said...

Thank you for the WONDERFUL time at your beautiful house. It was so good to see you all. I can't wait for our next visit. Love you guys!