Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Terrific Kid

Ian was selected to receive a special award at school this week! It is called "Terrific Kid." Each month, the teachers and students get to choose a student from each class to be their Terrific Kid. This month Ian's teacher allowed her class to vote on who they thought deserved the award and Ian was selected. He was very excited to be chosen! He received a certificate and several gift certificates to area sponsors. Congratulations little man, we are very proud of you!
(this is a picture of all of the 1st graders that were chosen)


Andrea said...

Yay Ian!!! He sure is a 'terrific kid.' Congrats Mom and Dad!!!!

Gwyn said...

Yey, Ian!!! We love you so much! Apparently everyone at your school thinks you are as awesome as we all know you are!!!
Love, Aunt Wynnie and Gideanne

Anonymous said...

AWESOME job Ian!!!! Way to go!!!

Jennifer said...

Way cool! What a great opportunity for the teacher to teach about the election process. :) Congrats on being a terrific kid!