Friday, May 2, 2008

Poor hubby

Do you know this guy? Come on...take a good look. Do you know him?

I know the picture is small...but that is no excuse!

Does this picture help?

Give up? Or did you guess?

I know that I shared with you all in February that David got the privilege to escort the Miami Dolphin cheerleaders around the ship. Since then he has given tours to some big wigs from DC, some Detroit Redwing executives and a few other "important" people.

When I had not heard from him in the last couple days, I figured he must be doing some tours (some job, right?). When he has someone onboard, it keeps him very busy and he doesn't get much time to email. So this morning I finally got an email from him sharing with me that he had been escorting Dale Ernhardt Jr. around the ship. We aren't the most avid Nascar fans, but we do live in the part of the country that is completely submersed in the Nascar religion, err, sport. I think this tour wins the "coolest" award as far as tours goes!

Who knows...maybe they became fast friends and we will start hanging out with him! I know Ian would sure love a ride in that shiny red car of his! Who am I kidding? I think I might even like a quick ride around the track! Wishful thinking, I know...

More than likely all that will happen is my husband will come home with some strange obsession with this new sport (religion) and be convinced that this is what he should do when he gets out of the navy. To which I will reply with my classic roll of my eyes and a quick change of subject!

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Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!! That is so awesome!!!! Aidan would be so jazzed!!!