Monday, May 19, 2008

A day of fun

Daddy made it home in time to spend the weekend with us! Hooray! Ian's school had its annual carnival on Saturday and it was just as fun as ever! You will notice that Isabelle is in most of these pictures. I think it was due to the fact that she wouldn't leave her daddy's side! He had been gone for about a month! She is most definitely figured out how to manipulate her daddy and get anything she wants. So she is thrilled when he comes home!

Here is a picture of them dancing together while waiting in line. Isabelle was super excited to ride the pony, although, she was hoping that there would be a pink one or a purple one. She settled on the "pretty one, which is the smallest one." She had a giant smile across her face throughout the entire ride!
Ian didn't choose to go on the ponies, but he kept Daddy's hat on for a little while so that Daddy could walk alongside Isabelle.
We got to meet the dragon mascot.
And play some games.
And even pretended to be dragons ourselves.

It was a very fun carnival. Especially since Daddy got to join us! We are glad you made it home in time, Daddy!

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Thanks for your comment on my blog this morning!

I just discovered a small world thing--my husband's cousin and his wife are in the Navy, stationed in your area! Wonder if your husband would know them?!