Monday, May 5, 2008

Fun with Friends

Last week Isabelle and I got a chance to have a picnic at the park with some special friends!

Kylea and Isabelle have gotten to know each other pretty well over the last several months as I was watching her a few days a month while her mom worked. They are fairly close in age and both love all things girly...dressing up, My Little Ponies and Dora being among the top few! Kylea hasn't been to our house in a while as her mommy is taking a little time off to prepare for her next little girl to be born! So, we decided to get out in this beautiful weather and enjoy some time together. The girls had a great time running and playing together. They even managed to play a game of hide and go seek. They just pretended that the other person couldn't be seen. It was pretty cute! As the afternoon went on, both girls started to get a little tired and weren't interested in getting their pictures taken. But once they found the right pose they allowed us to snap away!
We are so glad that we got to spend a little time with friends before we head out of town! Hopefully we will be able to squeeze in a few more playdates before then! Kylea and Kristina, thanks for meeting us at the park! We had a great time!

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The Schaper Scene said...

Glad we were able to spend the day with you! We'll definitely have to get together later in the month again! We will miss you all so much!