Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The "Good-byes" begin

Each year the preschool holds their end of year party at a gymnastics gym. The kids get to run and play and be crazy and eat snacks and then it is all over!

It has been a fun event for the last couple years. But this year was a little bit different...because we aren't coming back. I HATE goodbyes! I have never handled them well. And, regardless of my efforts to put on a brave face and be tough for the kids, I failed miserably at this party. The kids, however, managed to have a great time despite my tear streaked face!

This is one of Isabelle's most special friends, Keagan. They often chose to play together on the playground and sit together in class. Keagan was quite upset to find out that Isabelle would not be back next year. We will miss him too! We made our rounds at the end of the party and said our Thank-yous and Good-byes. Mrs. Atkinson taught both of our kids in the three year old room. She has such patience and understanding. Sometimes when I feel flustered at home with only my two kids, I remind myself that she handles up to 10 of them at a time!
Mrs. Harrison was Ian's teacher last year and would have been Isabelle's next year. She was so disappointed to find out that we would be leaving before she got to teach Isabelle! She is one of the sweetest and most genuine people that I have ever met. I promised I would tell everyone that this picture was taken after all the running around...
Miss Gayle
Miss Kelle

Miss Gayle and Miss Kelle are the assistants at the preschool. They made such an effort to show so much love for each individual child. When the school door opened each morning, each child was greeted by name. More often than not, they were also given a high five, a hug or at least a sincere compliment. These ladies did such an amazing job of making each student feel so incredibly special!

Finding a school for Isabelle in South Carolina has been such a challenge. I know that we have had such an amazing experience here with this little preschool. It will be hard not to compare everything that we encounter with everything that we know. I know that God will provide the right place for our little girl. We are just so grateful that we have gotten to be a part of such a fabulous school. Thank you ladies, for all that you have done for our kids and our family! You have been a true blessing in our lives!

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The Schaper Scene said...

Thank you so much for recommending this preschool to us. I am so excited to send Kylea there next year and Kylea is so excited to go to "Isabelle's school". It would be better if Isabelle was still going to be there, but....I hope you find an equally great school in South Carolina!