Monday, May 5, 2008

Glory at the Gardens

Yesterday we spent most of the day up at Busch Gardens. The kids and I drove up to Williamsburg with my friend Andrea.

Andrea's family drove down to meet us there and we had a great day together. Her parents ended up taking Ian and Isabelle on all the rides that they like while we "big kids" got to go on some of the roller coasters that we wanted.

The main reason that we went up there is because Busch Gardens is doing a really awesome concert series this month. It is called Glory in the Gardens and it is a bunch of wonderful Christian bands. While we were having dinner we realized that they had shut the gates to the amphitheater because it was so crowded! We were afraid that we were going to miss the whole thing! We realized that we were going to have to wait in line outside the gates. They were slowly letting people in as others were coming out.

Andrea's brother, Dustin, didn't have much desire to wait to get into the concert so he offered to take the kids on some more rides while us girls waited to get into the show. So off they went and it wasn't long before we had made out way into the concert! There were no seats to be found, but we found a place to stand in front of the sound booth and we had a great view!

First we got to see Matthew West. He did a great show and had such a great sense of humor! Then there was an hour long break before Third Day started! The kids managed to make it back to the show before it started. By the time they got back, Dustin and Mr. Dennis had gotten them ice cream and let them pick out their own bags of candy! They had no interest in the show...they were definitely more concerned about if I was going to let them keep eating all their candy! Holy sugar rush!!!

So, the concert started and it was wonderful! I have always enjoyed Third Day and this was no exception! They put on a great show! But while we were enjoying this:

The kids were working on their bags of candy:

Ian had gotten Lego shaped candies and they were quite entertaining! We had run into one of his buddies from church and they enjoyed "playing" with the candy together! We didn't have actual seats, but we were hanging out right in front of the sound booth and we had plenty of room to move around. Ally took full advantage of this opportunity to show us some of her moves. Dustin, however, acted like he was not very impressed! I think he was just trying to restrain himself from pulling out his best moves and completely embarrassing her!
The show was awesome and I am really glad we went. Next week is Natalie Grant and Mark Schultz...should be another great show!

Good news is next week's show is earlier in the afternoon, so it probably won't end up looking like this at the end of the day...
both kids were passed out on Mr Dennis and Mrs Terri! Doesn't it look like they are ready to be grandparents??? Justin and Andrea, just look how happy they are! For now, my kids will be happy to adopt you for another day! Any time you want!
Thanks for sharing your family time with us! I am so glad we got to spend the day with you! (and sorry there aren't any pics of you on here Andrea! I will fix that when you share your pics with me!)


The Schaper Scene said...

I'm sooo jealous! I didn't find out about that concert until the last minute. I would love to be able to see Natalie Grant, but I will be out of town. I've seen Third Day a couple times now and really enjoyed it. Have fun!

Mrs. Terri said...

A glorious day at the Gardens, for sure!
Kimberlee, spending time with you and your children were a pleasure! KUDOS for how they are being raised...they are a blessing!
And yes, we are ready to be grandparents! Love you Andrea and Justin! :)
Kimberlee...we will see you at the Gardens on Sunday, Lord willing!