Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Little Man

Ian was invited to read in to Mrs. Harrison's preschool class. This is the class that he was in last year. She wanted her students to see what they will be learning to do in the next year. She asked us to come in at a certain time so we had a little time to kill between when we dropped Isabelle off to her class and when we needed to be back there. When I asked Ian what we should do, he had a very cute answer...

"Maybe we can just go grab something at Starbucks!"

I thought it was so cute I couldn't turn him down.

So, off to Starbucks we went where he got his little hot chocolate and a chocolate donut! He looked so grown up sitting across the table from me drinking from that little cup!

Then it was time to head back to the preschool for our reading time! The students are studying about bugs, so he had brought a book all about bugs. However, he thought it would be way more cool to read this book called "Gross Out" because it had some neat facts about bugs too.

We discussed which portions of the book he would read to the kids. He settled on the silk worm, praying mantis and some sort of beetle. I thought these were fine selections. You can see how engrossed the children are as they listen to Ian's book. That is because he completely diverted from the original plan and started reading about some fish that captures other fish with its slime and eats them and then ties itself in a knot in order to wipe the slime off of itself. He then proceeded to read about an owl and the "barf balls" it produces, a bird that makes other birds vomit and then eats their vomit, and finally, about the cannibalism of the praying mantis. Somehow, I don't think this is what most parents expect their 4-year-olds to come home talking about.

Mrs. Harrison was a good sport and tried to turn it into a lesson for the kids, but I think she was even having trouble trying to explain "barf balls" and cannibalism!


Let me just say that he had shared a few parts of this book with me, but I had not read it all! I now know that I will be checking a little more closely into what he plans to read before he shares it with the whole class. That is, should we ever be invited back, which I believe is highly unlikely at this point!

Isabelle's teacher found out that we were down the hall reading and wanted Ian to come in to read for her class. Ian was happy to oblige! I, however, quickly grabbed that wretched book out of his hands and suggested that he borrow one from the teacher that the little kids might enjoy more!

Isabelle thought it was great that Ian shared a story with her class. They listened very attentively and only complained once or twice that they couldn't see the pictures very well! We may have a chance of being invited back to that class...unless the teachers talk (which I am sure they will) about what he read in the other class...

As I walked out with a red face and laughing to myself, Ian walked out tall and proud. He was thrilled that he got to do that and that the other kids enjoyed his book. His only regret was that he didn't share with them about the scorpion and bats!

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Andrea said...

Oh my goodness. That is too funny. And the Starbucks thing is so cute..so Ian. :)