Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I emailed David to remind him about my blog and that there are new pictures up if he gets the opportunity to check it out.

Well. He did and he didn't think my picture of Dale was the best one, so he sent this for me to post for you all!

He also gave me a hard time for posting a picture of a red car. I am told that he now drives a black car...
All I can say is the pictures I posted were straight from his just proves that I know nothing about NASCAR.
David did think the idea of him becoming a NASCAR driver was a good one. Come on, like HE didn't think of that before me!
I guess I will have to be more careful about what I say about my wonderful husband!
Just in case you check the blog again, know that I love you and miss you! Come home soon!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous...he drives a couple cars actually. The green and white AMP car and the white and blue National Guard, both number 88 this year. And a few specialty cars.
He moved from DEI to Hendrick motorsports this season...Aidan's the one into NASCAR, not me ;0)