Monday, November 10, 2008

Backyard Campout

The kids have been asking to go camping for months. We have just never gotten around to it...until now. We have had some great fall weather lately. When David and I were trying to think of something fun to do with the kids this weekend I suggested a camp out. David jumped all over that idea. He set the tent up in the backyard and we borrowed the neighbors' fire pit. The kids were so excited about the whole idea!
Can you tell?
The kids were thrilled with the campfire.

And made the most of it by roasting marshmallows.
The boys discussed how fire works.
And the kids did a little jumping in the dark (it really was dark! You just can't tell because of my flash!)
When all the fun was over, Daddy prepared their sleeping bags.
And I said goodnight and tucked myself in upstairs in my warm, cozy bed!
To be completely honest, I never thought they would make it through the night out there! I prepared things inside for when they came in in the middle of the night. This way they didn't all end up in bed with me!
But I was quite wrong. The boys came in for a quick potty stop in the middle of the night, but made their way back out to the tent and everyone slept through the night! They all came in this morning excited about their experience and the kids want to sleep out there again tonight...
Maybe next weekend!


Anonymous said...

We were thinking about doing that too, but we ran out of time before Steph had to leave again. Seem so much fun...though I'd have to sleep inside with Wyatt...;-)

*carrie* said...

Thanks for voting last week--are you planning to find out this time?

I can't imagine camping here right now--it snowed and has been in the 20s!

Jennifer said...

hey not a bad deal to get a whole bed to yourself that doesn't involve a deployment/work-up! we have such great memories of camping with you guys under the jet noise way back when - geez time flies!