Friday, November 7, 2008


I know I am late on this (thanks for all the reminders Bean!!!) But better late than never, right?

The kids were both looking forward to trick-or-treating with their neighborhood friends.

Isabelle had plans to be a ladybug, but at the last minute changed her mind to Cinderella. She had all the pieces she needed in her dress up bucket and so we changed. She was complete with tiara and glass slippers. She refused to wear a sweater even when it started to get a little chilly because she was concerned that nobody would know that she was dressed as Cinderella! She also refused to take off her glass slippers even when you could tell that it was killing her feet to walk in them! She insisted on keeping them on...oh, the sacrifices made for beauty!

The funny part is that with all this effort to make sure that it was clear that she was dressed as Cinderella, she started giving a disclaimer at each and every door. When someone would comment on her being Cinderella or a beautiful princess she would say to them, " I am just PRETENDING to be Cinderella. I am really Isabelle. And this is my brother Ian, he isn't really Anakin!" It was pretty funny that she felt that she had to educate the neighborhood!
And here is my little Anakin Skywalker. Star Wars is Ian's newest obsession, so there was no question as to what type of costume he would like. Plus it gave him the opportunity to get the light saber he has been wanting for so long!

The kiddos had a great time getting candy and spending time with their friends. After everyone was done getting all of their loot, we gathered at a neighbors house for a campfire complete with smores and pumpkin pie! At the end of the night, Isabelle asked me how many days until the next Halloween. She seemed a little bit shocked when I told her 364!