Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Big Day!

Meet the newest Westlake!!! Complete with LITTLE BOY parts!!!
Today we got to go see our newest little critter on the ultrasound machine. Truthfully, I am SHOCKED that it is a boy, but we are all thrilled! The kids got to go with us to see the baby and they enjoyed it for the most part.
Thankfully, they were both really okay no matter what the sex of the baby was. Isabelle even offered to share her room even though it was a boy. When we left the office and went to check out, one of the nurses asked what the results were and asked the kids if they were excited.
Isabelle smiled and said, "yes."
Ian shrugged his shoulders and said, "Not much."
I asked him if he would have been more excited if it had been a girl. He replied, "Not really."
Daddy quickly chimed in and said, "It would have been much more exciting if it had been a Star Wars Clone Trooper!"
Ian's face lit up as if someone was finally speaking his language. He said, "YEAH!!! Or a droid or something."
I am so thankful for my crazy boys and for the fact that David is able to relate to Ian in this way that I struggle with!!! He is such a good daddy! Needless to say, he is over the moon with the idea of having another little boy in the house! It is going to be great fun!
As for the little man, he looks healthy and is very active. He is due to join our family in mid April! We are half way there! It is hard to believe, but I know this time with fly by so quickly!
We hope that you all enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!
We will be back with more pictures soon!


Kristen said...

Yeah! Congrats! Does that mean he has to have a star wars name? Anikin maybe?? Obi One??...I have no idea how to spell those =0)

Parys~ said...

Bring on the BLUE! I am so happy for both you and David. WOW I can't wail till April! Miss Ya

Andrea said...

SO excited!!! Can't wait for some belly pics.

Jennifer said...

Hooray!! Great news! Congratulations to all of you!!!! Can't wait to hear his name and all that fun stuff! I'm so happy for you guys!!!!