Sunday, November 9, 2008

Little voters

Both of the kids seemed to be pretty interested in the whole voting process. They were excited to go with us to the polls. I am not so sure they would have been so excited had they known that we were going to be waiting in line for nearly FOUR HOURS! But they were troopers!

They colored, read books, played DS and ran around in the grass. When it started to rain, they were just excited to get to use their umbrella! What awesome kids!

Each of the kids went with us when it was our turn to vote. They wore their "I voted" stickers very proudly for the rest of the day. In fact, Ian hasn't taken his stickers off of his jacket yet! He is excited that he will get to vote for himself in 12 more years!

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gwyn said...

I learned the pleasures of EARLY voting this year!!! I was in and out in about 10 minutes. I highly recommend it!!!