Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The whole reason for our road trip to Mississippi, was to be at my little brother, Benjamin's wedding. It still seems a little surreal to me that he is married! Even more impressive is that he found such a lovely woman to share his life with! Jamie and Benjamin are a wonderful couple. They seem to complement each other so well! Throughout the entire weekend, I don't think this giant smile ever left Benjamin's face. He was so excited to be taking this step in life. Benjamin (still grinning from ear to ear!)
Ian and Isabelle make their entrance!
You can see that Ian is inspecting Isabelle's work.
I just love this picture because Ian looks like a little GQ model and Isabelle is showing her pure delight in decorating the walkway with flower petals!
Benjamin is still grinning...this was as Jamie was making her way down the aisle!
Jamie walking with her Dad!
The beautiful couple
It's official!

First Dance
Mom and Benjamin
Isabelle was so excited to get out on the dance floor!
Can you see how red his face is after searching for the garter?
Jamie throws the bouquet
The couple makes their exit through the bubbles
David, Jilienne and Uncle Glenn made sure the car looked its best and was securely wrapped in plastic wrap!
Isabelle got one last hug from Aunt Jamie!
And off they went...Cancun or Bust!
It was a beautiful day!


Andrea said...

Beautiful pictures! They look SO happy!

Ben said...
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Ben said...

We are loving the blog Kimberlee!!! Thanks for the awesome pics and the sweet comments! What a great big sis!!
We love you guys (give Isabelle, Ian, and Isaac hugs for us!)
-jamie & ben