Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Isaac's bed

While Jilienne was still in town, she helped us put together Isaac's bedroom. We assembled his bed and started our painting project. I still have a few final touches to make and then I will post pictures of that!

Here is a picture of Isaac snoozing in his bed. To be completely honest, he still has not slept in his bed for more than a quick nap. It has been too easy to keep him in our room. After I finish the painting this week and after our next round of company (Justin and Andrea are coming for the 4th of July!) heads back home, he will make the official move into his own room. Being that he has slept through the night since his 3rd night home, there is no good reason for him to still be in our room!


Anonymous said...

that monkey follows Isaac around

Holly said...

Great bedding, I love that stuffed monkey!