Sunday, June 14, 2009

Field Day...the "green" way

The day before we left on our road trip to Mississippi, Ian had Field Day at school. The kids and I went to spend the day with him and root him on. This is what we saw when we got there. Ian was running a race that required him to sort the recyclables into the appropriate bins before running back to tag his next teammate.
As we continued on through all the different stations, each had a name like this:
Or this:
The times have changed for sure! There wasn't a 50meter dash, or 200meter relay. Instead there were all sorts of little games that had to do with saving our planet, conserving energy and such. I never would have imagined such a thing, but the kids sure loved it and had a great time.

While Ian was busy playing "Environmentalist vs. Pollutants" (otherwise known as Tug-o-war) I sent Isabelle on her own 50meter dash. She thought it was great!
And when she wasn't running, she did a great job helping with Isaac!

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