Thursday, June 18, 2009


Upon going through all the pictures I had from the wedding, I had to post some of the funnier moments from the weekend!
Here is Isabelle...BEFORE the wedding. Her shoes were hurting her feet (so were we took a break together!)

Ian and Hunter being BOYS!
I can only imagine what was really being said in these pictures, but here is my take on it!

Ian: "Isabelle, not so many in one spot! You need to spread them out. And maybe we could walk a little faster and get this done, huh?"
Isabelle: "Why is everyone watching Aunt Jamie? Don't they see how beautiful I am today?" Ian: "Is really my job? To hold a pillow with FAKE rings on it?"
Isabelle: "Those poor people look so bored..."
"I had better blow them some kisses!"
Isabelle: "Hmmm...I wonder if these are real pearls?"
Isabelle: "Thanks for holding my hand Aunt Jamie! Now, let's go for a walk instead of just STANDING here!"
" this almost over???"
Ian: "Why would anyone choose to wear such uncomfortable clothing?"
Ian: "Uugg! Why are we all standing here? What is this guy talking about?
Isabelle: "Everyone else is sitting down, why can't I?"
Isabelle: " They are good! It is official!"Isabelle: "Ian, you want to get some of that cake?"
Ian: "Did you see the chocolate fountain and strawberries? And there is sushi!"
Ian and Isabelle: "Get Miss Becca!" Isabelle was thrilled to join Becca on the dance floor. As soon as she heard the music she looked at me and shrieked, "Come on Mommy! Let's. Get. On. That. Floor!"
She would have danced all night!
Apparently Ian was still uncomfortable, because I turned around and saw David explaining to Ian why it was inappropriate to take his shirt off at the reception.
Ian: "But I am so HOT!" Here is our little Dancing Diva on the floor! Forget the shoes! Those things were history!
It is safe to say that they had a GREAT time! Ian loved the food and playing with his cousins and Isabelle will never again believe a party is complete without a dance floor!

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Ian looks like he is striking a pose in the one pic...too cute.