Monday, June 15, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday night we joined Benjamin and Jamie at their rehearsal dinner. We had yummy food and enjoyed the time together! Ian was especially happy when Uncle Ben came to sit by him!
After dinner Uncle Ben and Aunt Jamie brought the kids some gifts for being a part of the wedding.
Isabelle received a beautiful pearl necklace that Uncle Ben made for her! She also got a special frame in which she can put a picture of herself with Uncle Ben and Aunt Jamie from the wedding.
Ian got a new book! He has become a big fan of Shel Silverstein and was thrilled to get another one of the books. He loves to memorize and recite the silly poems!
It was a fun night to see Ben and Jamie together, to see how in love they truely are and to share in their joy and excitement as they prepared for their big day!

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