Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Life has been a little crazy around here these days! Realistically, I don't know that we would know it any other way though...

Last week I finished a couple sewing projects (pictures to come).

Thursday night I was up the ENTIRE night with contractions. We started to think that this little guys was going to make his appearance much earlier than we had planned. Luckily, the contractions stopped and I took it easy all weekend. Yesterday, I went to the doctor and there hasn't been any progress in dilation...which I am very happy with! I am feeling much better the last couple days! Hopefully we can hold out just a little while longer!

Sunday night David noticed some water damage on our wood flooring in our kitchen. It was even worse when we woke up the next morning. Last night we were finally able to trace the leak to our air conditioning drain. Fortunately, we are still under our one year warranty and we have an amazing builder that should have it all fixed up in the next couple weeks!

So, we continue to plug along...one day at a time! We continue to try to accomplish what we can each day as we prepare for the little man to make his appearance. We now have bags packed and are ready to go when we need to! We promise to keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

Wow! He is almost here! I can't wait to see pictures of the little guy and to learn his name! I still think it is Luke Skywalker!! =0) Happy Anniversary and the dress is beautiful. Miss you all and wish you still lived here in Va Beach!

Anonymous said...

PS...you really need to join facebook!!! =0)