Sunday, March 22, 2009

Trip to the Park

Life has changed since we have moved here. We used to live on a busy street where the kids couldn't play in the front yard. No riding bikes or running around with the neighbor kids. Now, we live in a quiet area (quiet as far as traffic is concerned) FULL of kids. Rarely is there a time that the kids don't have someone to play with. When they get bored riding bikes, finding rocks, having light saber duels, playing Legos or K'nex in the front, our backyard is the next choice of places to play due to the trampoline and swing set.

So, it never really occurred to me that since we have moved here, we have not gone to a playground or park to play. That used to be a very common thing for us to do in Virginia. Isabelle was the first to remind me of this recently.

So, a few days ago, Isabelle and I were out and about and just happened to be near a really great park. I decided to take her there for a couple hours. She was ecstatic! She immediately ran to this giant slide built on the hill! She ran up those stairs several times and this smile never left her face!
She enjoyed some time on the swings,
scaled some rocks,
climbed some ladders,
and just had a great time in general!

Can you tell by this smile that she was having a good time?
I had to giggle every time she came down the slide and her hair was standing up like this!
It was a great time at the park! We will be going back very soon!
As we were walking back to the van, she looked up at me and said, "Thank you for bringing me to the park, Mommy! Next time we should bring Ian!"
I love that as much fun as she was having on her own, she would rather share it with her brother! So, next time we will bring Ian!


Andrea said...

LOVE these pictures. She looks so happy. Cute outfit she has on too! I love that your kids play SO well by themselves AND with each other/other kids! That is awesome! See you soon!

Anonymous said...

That park looks amazing! WHat a fun slide. She looks adorable in the pics.

The Schaper Scene said...

What a great slide! I love Isabelle's hair cute! We miss you guys!!

Gwyn said...

WOW!!! What a slide! And what exercise!!