Friday, March 6, 2009

So over it!

No, I am not talking about pregnancy. I am one of those weirdos that actually enjoys pregnancy. Even though I am more aware each day of my due date approaching quicker than seems possible, I am also okay enjoying these last weeks. Even though I believe I have a foot stuck in the right side of my rib cage, I still love the feeling of the little man doing what feels like acrobatics within my belly and I still laugh when he gets the hiccups!

So, that brings me to the whole purpose of this post...I have been sequestered in my own home since Sunday night due to the flu!!! Ian started with a headache on Sunday afternoon and ended up with a fever through the night. He stayed home Monday with no real symptoms. That is, until the evening. Then his throat swelled and his fever SPIKED! He was miserable. I thought for sure he had strep, but we were informed on Tuesday that he had the FLU! Ugh... Luckily, the Dr. gave us all flu medication to take to help prevent any of the rest of us from getting it. She also wrote a note to Ian's school to excuse him for the rest of the week. I laughed at that. The whole week??? But here we are on Friday and we just can't seem to shake this stuff! His throat isn't as bad and his fever isn't as high, but I am still uncomfortable taking him around other people. I would hate to infect anyone else with this stuff!

So, the weather is beautiful today and I have allowed him to play in the backyard with Isabelle, but he can see and hear his friends playing just over the fence. He is desperate to be out there with them. He literally broke down in tears when I told him he couldn't go out front to play. He hasn't seen any of them in nearly a week. He has to be getting bored! I know I am!

On the bright side of things, my house is very clean. It has been disinfected to no end. The baby's closet has been organized and reorganized. I am working on getting some meals prepped for the freezer to have on hand for when the baby arrives. I have a few craft projects I am ready to start and laundry is all caught up! That never happens!

As nice as it has been to have some extra down time with my kiddos this week, I am also really ready to get back to normal...

Hold on...David is calling...

to inform me that he feels terrible and he is coming home to go to bed. He hasn't been able to eat anything all day and his body is much for that medicine!

Here is hoping for a better week next week!


Anonymous said...

I hope you all feel better soon. We are all sick here too. We are flying to disney now instead if driving, so we all better be better by the 16th!
Can't wait to hear baby news.

Andrea said...

:( Hope everyone feels better soon. Man, with all that time at home I'm sure there is plenty of time for belly photo shoots though. haha Gotta love me.

Gwyn said...

Okay, so one of the family nurses is checking in on this. The real flu can set you back TWO weeks, so the medication probably still shortened and reduced the severity of Ian's case! Do you guys not get the flu shots??? You SHOULD! Why would anybody not unless they were allergic to eggs! So glad the men are feeling better and hope you ladies miss the whole thing!