Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas 2008

Please excuse the lengthy post, but I spent so much time going through pictures and couldn't leave much out! The kids had a wonderful time this year and they were truly spoiled rotten! Ian and Isabelle were very patient about coming downstairs...
One of Ian's favorite gifts from Santa was his Darth Vader light saber!Isabelle loved her Pretty, Pretty Princess game!
David was thrilled with his pajama pants (that I have conveniently adopted to fit around my belly!) and the complete Star Wars collection.
After a quick breakfast break, we started on the gifts under the tree. Isabelle was happy to get a new cheerleading outfit from Aunt Tara and Uncle Josh.
Ian got a Transformer that he didn't already have! Good job Aunt Tara! He was excited!
Ian was thrilled to get the Speed Racer game from Miss Andrea!
And Isabelle was in heaven with her Easy Bake oven from Miss Andrea. She was ready to stop opening and start baking!

Then Ian discovered that Grandpa had gotten him the NERF machine gun that he has been asking for for months!
And Isabelle is prepared to become a superstar with her new keyboard and microphone that Grandpa got her!
Ian was ecstatic to find a watch and an alarm clock from Aunt Bean! He has been determined to set his alarm everyday since...
Isabelle got princess roller skates!
Miss Kim made Ian's day with the Nerf gun that goes with his new WII game!
Isabelle (our little artist) was so excited to find a new selection of coloring books!
Granny B new just what Ian wanted...a new two wheeled scooter!
But, when he opened his new Lego set from Mommy and Daddy, he informed us all that he would be upstairs working on his new ship!
Isabelle has always told us that she will one day drive a pink car. She was stoked to find out that she could have one now!
There are more pics somewhere, but I can't seem to find them. You see in the midst of the morning, I dropped my good camera and it stopped functioning properly...oh, dear. So, there will be more pictures when I get the rest from my sisters!


Andrea said...

Thanks for posting pics. I am a pesky thing, aren't I?!!? :) Good thing you love me. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas. Glad the kids liked the gifts. Thanks for your help Mrs Claus. The only thing missing is a picture of the mama. :(

Gwyn said...

So glad to finally see pictures from Christmas--I've been checking every day!!! I have a gift for the kids but, alas, have NOT gotten it in the mail (along with the check that is already written for the popcorn I got, oh, six weeks ago?!?!) Oh, well...that is why I patiently wait for Christmas pictures--I have no room to talk!