Thursday, January 29, 2009

Showered with LOVE!

Last week, while we were in Virginia, Debbie and Parys threw me an amazing baby shower. It was such a fun time and I drove away feeling overwhelmingly blessed to have such amazing friends!
Debbie and Parys did all of the planning and preparing, but so many other people pitched in by bringing food and prizes!
The theme was polka dots and there was lots of blue and green!
I let Isabelle come along and she had a blast opening all of the gifts! She even participated in a few games!
She especially loved the stuffed monkey that is almost as tall as she is!
I wish I had gotten more pictures with people while I was there! Somehow we got caught up in all the fun and I only got a couple. Here is my girlfriend, Amy, who was 37 weeks pregnant in this picture. (And I am 28weeks.) She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday!!! Congrats Amy and Bryan!
And here is another one of my girlfriends, Brittany! I am excited that she and her husband just recently got orders and will be heading down here to SC in a few months! It will be great to have her down here!
To all of you that were involved with the shower, I want to extend a HUGE "Thank You!" I never imagined such a wonderful day with so many special people involved! You all are the best! Hopefully you all will get to meet our new little man when we venture up there this summer...unless you plan to stop through Charleston before then! Thank you for the amazing gifts, the special day and the awesome memories! I love you all!


Anonymous said...

It was great to see you and be a part of your shower too.

Parys said...

Love Ya and Miss you like crazy! I am so happy we had the chance to throw you a shower. You look beautiful, can't wait to meet little man. Call ya soon!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Yay!!! Your party looked like so much fun and how awesome that you have such great friends to share this fun time with!! You must tell Debbie she looks so young in that picture - can't believe she has 6 kids! Wonder woman for sure!

And Hooray! Brittany is moving down by you!!!! I miss those girls - they're so fun!!

I'm looking forward to seeing you next week - it's been way too long! Have fun getting ready for your trip to the nicest place on earth (um, that would be here where it's nearly 70 degrees today. In February. With snow on the mountains. Doesn't get any better than that!)