Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coffee with Kate

Last night I got the opportunity to go hear Kate Gosselin (from Jon & Kate plus 8) speak at our church. Her story was both fun and inspiring. She followed the timeline of her family and how each step of their lives has brought them closer to God. I stayed afterwards to have my book signed and to take a picture of her because Isabelle was quite upset with me for not taking her with me. I promised her a picture.

The picture that was taken when I was getting my book signed didn't turn out, so this one will have to do...


Jennifer said...

I've only caught that show once but what a fun opportunity you had!

I hope you guys are doing great!!! Can't wait to see your new little guy!!! Are you revealing his name yet? On pins and needles! :)

Anonymous said...

That's so cool. I love them too.

Anya said...

Kimberlee, I am interested to hear more about this.

You have a beautiful family.

I sent you an email. Perhaps we can discuss.

Best to you!


Andrea said...

I already told you how jealous I am. She looks just as cute in person. Glad you got to go but wish I could have gone with you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Gwyn said...

Wow! Gideanne and I are so jealous! We are devoted fans of their show and have enjoyed watching their kiddos grow. She is an inspiration to us as far as parenting goes! LOL
Hope you had a great birthday!!!
Love ya!