Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wacky Weather

You know, it is hard to prepare for Christmas when our temps have been in the upper 70s and the ice cream man is still in business!!! The kids were thrilled to see that Daddy made it home just in time to buy ice cream!
The kids keep asking if it is going to snow for Christmas and something is telling me there isn't much of a possibility!

In other news, we experienced a minor earthquake today. It registered as a 3.6 which isn't huge, but was definitely noticeable. We don't have any damage, just a crazy story to tell.
Let me just go on record saying that I could use a day (or even a week) of good old fashioned snow for the winter time!

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Kim said...

Yummy! We were on a walk today and the ice cream truck was following us - literally! Both kids were begging, but I held firm! Couldn't help but think of your recent ice cream experience. Today it was 70+. Tomorrow it's dropping 20 degrees - go figure! Christmas is supposed to be sunny and 76!