Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Road Trip

So, it is no secret that I am behind on my blog...but we have been on adventures lately. You see, the kids and I drove up to spend a week in Virginia last week. Ian had a couple days off from school and I decided it wouldn't hurt him too badly to miss a couple more. So we got to spend an entire week up there!
I was a little nervous about my energy level for the drive, but I can tell you that this was one of the easiest road trips we have ever been on! Ian did a little sleeping, played his DS, watched a couple movies and was an awesome help to Isabelle when she needed things.
Isabelle spent most of her time coloring and watching movies. And, yes, that is chocolate on the side of her mouth! Hey, we all need treats on a road trip, right?
After 6 hours and one quick gas stop, we got to VA! It was so nice to be back there! We were so excited to catch up with some friends and just hang out a bit! We got to have dinner with Miss Andrea at RED ROBIN. Unfortunately, I was so excited to just visit, that I completely spaced taking pictures most of the trip...so you will get to see what I have...
After dinner it was off to the Morelands! The kids were so excited to see their BFFs!!! As we pulled into their neighborhood that night, Ian asked if we could just move back to VA. He was nearly in tears, he was so excited to see his friends! I had to explain to him ( for the 1,213,532,738th time) that we live in SC because that is where Daddy works. It is a conversation that I know he understands to the best of his ability, but he still longs to be with his buddies!
As soon as we walked in their house, it was as if we had never left. The kids were playing together instantly and got along great, as always! Here is a quick pic of the boys attempting rock band. It was quite entertaining!

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