Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Walking adventures

We took some time to walk around downtown Charleston with Uncle Ben and Miss Jamie. It was fun to explore some places that we hadn't seen or experienced before.
These trees are common throughout downtown. If you look carefully you can see that there isn't any bark on the tree. The tree twists as it grows and the bark falls off. I thought this one in particular was very pretty. This is an alleyway that runs behind one of the large churches. It is a beautiful, peaceful place to walk.
We took some time to enjoy the fountains at the waterfront.
You can walk under the water without getting wet (unless you splash like my kids and then you get soaked!)
Next was the pineapple fountain.

I think it is beautiful, but the kids didn't seem as excited about the water.
I thought this was a nice picture of the USS Yorktown and a sailboat.
During our walk, we encountered a fisherman that was willing to show us what he was doing. He pulled up his nets to show us what he had caught
Ian was excited to see the shrimp in the net

Then the man showed us the fish that his wife had just caught. The kids got to feel the scales and then watch as he was thrown back into the water. He wasn't large enough to keep.
Doesn't this ship look like a fun one to sail?
Next, we went down to this pier.
On the pier there are big "porch swings" that you can sit on and enjoy. It was a great end to our day and I can say that we ALL had a great time!

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