Friday, August 15, 2008

Fort Sumter

Our next adventure took us to Fort Sumter, where the first shots were fired at the begining of the Civil War. I have never been a huge history buff, but when you can actually stand in the places where the events took place, it seems to take on a whole new meaning.
We took a ferry boat out to the island.
This is the view of downtown Charleston as we rode out to Fort Sumter.
The kids with Uncle Ben and Miss Jamie.
A view of Fort Sumter.
Uncle Ben and Isabelle took a break during the tour. They are sitting in one of the openings that the cannons used to shoot out of.
Many of the interior walls are filled with oyster shells.

A view of the new bridge that was built while we lived in VA. It is North America's longest cable stay bridge.
Here is Ian, the professor, explaining the inner workings of a cannon to Isabelle.
A view up to the top of the Fort
Everyone enjoyed the tour.
A view of the brige with the USS Yorktown, an old air craft carrier used in World War II.

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