Friday, August 15, 2008

A tour in Charleston

We started our time in Charleston with a classic carriage tour! The kids weren't too excited about going, but they had a fine time! This is one of the many beautiful private gardens in front of a home.
And a traditional porch. We were told that the two staircases were meant to be a welcoming sign and that traditionally, ladies went up one side and men went up the other.

Ian and Isabelle played by themselves while we listened to the tour.
It is a crooked view, but a view nonetheless of one of the many church steeples in Charleston.
This is a painting on the side of one of the buildings. It used to be a hat store and if you look closely you will see that the whole picture is made of hats. You can't change anything that is 75 years or older the hatman stays.
This is an old cobblestone road, affectionately referred to as "labor lane." Women ready to give birth were given a shot of whiskey and a free carriage ride down one of these streets to get things going...
Rainbow row??? One of the most publicized landmarks in Charleston is Rainbow Row. I think we found the real thing...but of course we couldn't see it fully because of the giant moving truck outside. Oh well...

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Heather of Troy said...

What a beautiful city. It's one of those on my list of places in America I still need to visit! Just gorgeous.