Monday, September 24, 2007


For those of you that saw my soccer post last week. Let me clear one thing up...I AM NOT PREGNANT!I thought I was being so clever and put a slideshow of soccer pictures up here to show Ian's first game. Apparently the slideshow decided to add a couple pictures without my knowledge! It was at the end of the slideshow and I was completely oblivious. That is, until I recieved an email congratulating me on my pregnancy. Now, I will be the first to tell you that I am NOT in the best shape of my life, but I was bummed to hear that I looked pregnant. I immediately read through my entire blog trying to figure out how it could be that my friend thought I was pregnant...then it dawned on must be something in the slideshow. Sure enough, one of the last pictures was of me when I was a 9month pregnant blimp! OH DEAR!!! Needless to say, I retracted that post so fast! SO...for those of you still interested in soccer pictures, here you go!

Here is Ian with two of his best soccer buddies, Miles and Kendall.

Here is Ian almost touching the ball. This is a tremendous improvement from last year! He loves to run up and down the field with his friends, but sees no need to ever touch the ball...but we are getting there.

He is even showing a little aggression in this picture! That's my boy!

This picture may not look like an important picture, but for those of you that know Ian, you know he is very much like his dad. He enjoys being with his friends and having a good time, but it is not natural for him to do ANYTHING fast! Last year he would pretty much walk down the field but he would move his shoulders and arms fast so that it almost looked like he was running. This picture just proves how far we have come...HE is really running! Go Ian!

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